I Conferencia Desarrollo, Estabilidad y Sustentabilidad de la Banca (noviembre 2015)

A comprehensive analysis of capital account liberalization on banking industry risks05/11/2015 Revisar
A micro-powered model of mortgage default risk: the case of Chile05/11/2015 Revisar
Bank enforcement actions and the terms of lending 05/11/2015 Revisar
Cyclicality of SME Lending and Government Involvement in Banks05/11/2015 Revisar
Does Regulatory Bank Oversight Impact Economic Activity? A Local Projections Approach05/11/2015 Revisar
Effective Regulation and Financial Stability05/11/2015 Revisar
Financial development and banking credit: their effects on income inequality and poverty05/11/2015 Revisar
Incorporation of financial ratios into prudential definition of assets: Micro and macro prudential perspective 05/11/2015 Revisar
Managing the human resources of regulators (and other civil servants)05/11/2015 Revisar
Moving in tandem: bank provisioning in Emerging Market Economies05/11/2015 Revisar
Prudential filters, portfolio composition and capital ratios in European banks05/11/2015 Revisar
Systemic Risk in a Structural Model of Bank Default Linkages05/11/2015 Revisar
The impact of the IRB approach on the risk weights of European banks05/11/2015 Revisar
The role of microprudential, macroprudential, and monetary policies for preserving financial stability 05/11/2015 Revisar
Thoughts on the Proper Design of Macro Stress Tests and Their Usefulness in Measuring, Monitoring and Controlling Systemic Risk05/11/2015 Revisar
Why Financial Advice Cannot Substitute for Financial Literacy?05/11/2015 Revisar